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Still not sure if you should go to Survivor: Pacific Harbors?  Don't take our word for it, read what others are saying about our past events:

Survivor: Pacific Harbors Camporee (2014):

A huge thanks to all the awesome staff and volunteers that made this happen. The young men of Pack 148 had a great time and the adults of Pack 148 appreciate your patience and dedication to our youth. Take a rest - you all deserve it!
Jason Sandusky
Pack 148, University Place

It was a monster undertaking! Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers
Janet O'Connell
Pack 9116

This was a great event and the program was top notch. Well planned and executed. Our troop thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mike Shook
Troop 212, Gig Harbor

Congratulations John on all your hard work putting together an amazing Camporee!
Michelle Smith
LEXAS Dist. Exec.

Thank you for a very well organized, smooth event. I helped with the Cub Scout area and all went well.
I was pleased to see fun and interesting activities that held the Scouts' interest all over the park.
Thanks, Linda Plank,
Pack 9141, Tenino

John Ohlson, You did a fabulous job at this Camporee. Many memories were made for the boys and their families. :-)
Catherine Calhoun
Pacific Harbors Council

I had SO MUCH FUN!. Can't wait for the next big thing!
Steve Shumaker
Area Director, Mental Challenges

Thanks for all of your hard work, as always!
Jackie Morgan
Pack 27, Fox Island

It's only as good as the leadership, so thank-you, John, for your dedication & commitment.
Maura Cullen
Troop 224, Tacoma

CONGRATULATIONS to you as well John. Nice to be associated to someone who can actually think this big and pull it off. Especially doing it with such a high fun factor. Iím sure Big John would be proud of your efforts as well.
'Klondike Mike' Stamon, Aberdeen

This was a great event. Well planned and executed. Thanks to all staff and participants.
Bob Marlatt
Council Vice President of Program

John, Troop 655 had an Awesome time. Thank you for your time and team.
Michael Athow
Troop 655

Thank you to EVERYONE involved! The boys had an amazing weekend. Wish there was something sooner than 2016.
These boys are pumped ;)
Aimee Davis-Hoge
Troop 655

Good Work John Ohlson!!!
Chris Cone

Great job... Thank you!
Deb Smith
Troop 330, Federal Way

Survivor Camporee was Amazing!
Sherrieann Stockwell
Staff Chef, Survivor Camporee

A big thank you to John Ohlson for heading up another outstanding weekend of scouting fun! Over 1,000 scouts and Scouters enjoyed the Survivor Pacific Harbors Camporee, including many from our district!
Belinda Bergman
Hylebos District Communications
Federal Way

Zombie Invasion Camporee (2010)

...all the boys in my troop loved it. LOVED IT! - Mike Betz, Troop 123

I want to applaud you and your crew for a very well thought out and organized Camporee. My son went without knowing anyone and had an amazing time. - Mitch Darden, Troop 1526

...let me again say that you guys put on an incredible Camporee this past weekend. The amount of time and effort that went into it was truly impressive and the result was that the boys had a great experience. Thank you for all your time and effort to make this happen! - Randy Smith, Troop 330

While I've never been much of a sci-fi fan, I thought you guys did a phenomenal job with the production. The roving H2 with eerie lights, sounds and voices. The MREs. The costumes and the setting. All led to a most unique experience. You probably missed your calling by not becoming a film director! :) - John Carlson, Troop 212

On behalf of the scouts and adult leaders of Troop 71 thanks for all of the hard work. This truly was a superb event.
I believe many of the boys will remember this weekend as one of the very best in their scouting experience. - Jim Sagen, Troop 71

Operation Bear Claw (2011)

Thank you so much for heading up the last two great camporees and Venture shoot out. I think that these events will live in the memories of the youth which attended for a long time to come. - Rick Reece, Crew 376

Thank you for such a wonderful camporee. Our boys had a great time and enjoyed the activity. - Alex Wright, Troop 305

On behalf of Troop #224, I want to thank-you and the organizing committee for an awesome camporee weekend! Again, thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. We will look forward to next year! - Maura Cullen, Troop 224

Thank you so much for this great event. Out scouts loved it!!!!!! - Mike Otter-Johnson, Troop 226

A HUGE thank you to John Ohlson, all other volunteers, and participants that made Operation Bear Claw an adventure! ;-) - Tommy Thombs, Hahobas Staff

The thanks goes to you the Committee for all the hours and effort spent in making Operation Bear claw another memorable event for the Scouts. I look back on the Camporees in the days of Mt. Rainier Council remembering the highlight being Capture the Flag and whatever Military equipment we would find as we ran around on Fort Lewis. Times have sure made these activities much more exciting and memorable. We look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work. - Joe Eaves, Troop 692

WashJam 2012 & 2016

"We got back from WashJam today and Loved it!"

"We had a fabulous time."

"That was an OUTSTANDING event today. Thanks for the invitation. I saw so much interaction between the presenters and the scouts and my table was virtually non-stop."

"My son and I were there Thur. thru Sat. and we both had a blast. It was our first jamboree to attend and we both plan on attending again in three years. Thanks again for a great experience..."

"Our son is a Webelo 1, and this is our first time at WashJam - we are very impressed! Everyone was very kind and upbeat, there was so much for our kids to do - we really liked that there were separate areas and that they could do more in the Boy Scout Area."

"You all did a great job thank you... It opened my eyes to a whole other side of scouts (first camp with this many people). Weather was in our favor was a plus hope to see many of you next time around... Thank you again for all who helped put WASHJAM 2012 together...." - TROOP 379 PACK 385 Longview

"I took my sons (a Tiger and Webelo 2) and they both had a blast!! My Web has a very scientific thinking mind and I was pleased to see so much that he could feel involved in. Also, it exposed me to so many activities to do with the pack (bottle rockets and boffle were my sons faves). I am looking forward to the next Jam in four years!!"

"Amazingly fun weekend! Thank you WashJam for all those who worked so hard to put this on...it was a weekend my son (Webelo II) will never forget! Can't wait for the next one."

"Had a fabulous time as well. This event was well organized, wonderful activities for all ages, great stage productions, porta potties were cleaned and always well stocked, the activities were spread out so that you weren't crowded, and the vendors were great! Definitely will be attending the next one.

Thanks for an enjoyable weekend. Highly recommended for all of you contemplating the next time."

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